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What are the features of Flairsells

You made a correct choice by partnering with Flairsells, Now let us see how Flairsell CRM succour your company to stay ahead in customer relation management

Nurture the customer relation with Flairsell Customisable Dashboard

Boot up your computer in the morning and look over to your Flairsell CRM dashboard to have a clear overview of your customer interactions. A simple and customisable dashboard can give you details about customers previous history with you, status of their enquiry, unsettled service issues, you can customize your own home page to display today's tasks, appointments, and so on, and create customized navigators that filter and display data records by specific criteria. All information's are clearly displayed which increases transparency.

  • User management

    Flairsells CRM is Simple and elegant, management of your account is quite easy. You just need to sign in with a valid email address and password to access all the features

  • Address Management

    In Flairsells CRM all the addresses are stored centrally, you can sort and display addresses to different attributes using additional fields and categories. The address wizard helps you to create an address with ease. With accurate and centrally held platform all the unstructured contact information is transformed into structured data records.

  • Communication Management

    Flairsells CRM can aid your business to reach new heights by ensuring an excellent communication management system to create a healthy connection with your customers and by generating leads. You can easily send emails and text messages to clients for the proper follow-up and service.


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